How Movie Ratings Mislead Well-Meaning Parents


-If you are like most parents you have probably sat down to watch a movie with your children and been caught unawares by gratuitous sex, nudity, vulgar language, or even graphic violence exhibited in almost every Hollywood movie. These days, it may seem more of a risk to take your kids to the movies than to send them to play near the road!

Parents can cover their children’s eyes and ears only so much –and the fact that the damage has already been done can be quite unnerving. Although your children may not become sexually active or excessively violent just by seeing a movie or two, the unsavory scenes from these movies will live in your children’s minds for the rest of their lives. In fact, seeing too much sex and violence at a young age can have long-lasting psychological effects.

Is Your TV a Trojan Horse?

The ancient Greek story of the Trojan Horse resonates with parents worried about the negative effects of sex, violence, and gratuitous nudity in Hollywood movies today. The story of the Trojan Horse takes place during the Trojan War – the ancient Greeks offer a giant wooden horse as a gift to the Trojans, whom they were fighting. The horse was meant as a peace offering, which the Trojans happily accepted. Little did they know that hundreds of Greek soldiers were hiding within the empty belly of the horse only to burst out unexpectedly and take the city!

A Hollywood movie can be very similar to the Trojan Horse. A family will rent a movie that appears to be a nice “family” movie only to reveal halfway through that the “enemy” has infiltrated our living room! Our childrens’ minds are forever affected by such Hollywood movies.

The Movie Rating System is Not Accurate

The current movie rating system is highly flawed. A few years ago, it was safe to simply avoid any movie that had the rating of an “R” but that is no longer the case. In recent years, it seems as though the movie rating system has become much more lax and even lower ratings (PG-13 and PG) can include very offensive material. Parents simply cannot trust the moving rating system anymore.

Recently, a Harvard study has shown that the movie rating system has been slowly evolving over the last decade. What was once based on good Christian and family values has evolved into something is that fueled my money and power. For example, there are blatant lesbian scenes in the movie, Dumb and Dumber which has a movie rating of PG-13. About fifteen years ago, that would have gotten an R rating. Apparently, the MPAA thinks that people as young as fourteen should see women making out! But parents beware – even PG can be a dangerous rating. Have you seen Shrek 2 recently? Children will come to believe that Pinocchio is a cross-dressing puppet!

Hollywood’s Evil Plan

It has become popular belief that Hollywood has an evil plan to indoctrinate our young children. It seems as though only movies with a G rating are safe for good family fun. Apparently, everyone living and working in and around the Hollywood industry lives a completely different life than the average American family – most aren’t married and don’t have children. Hollywood is filled with very liberal people who live a life much different than any family wanting to impose good morals and values on their children. Perhaps this is why Hollywood is trying to indoctrinate our impressionable young children and to teach them that it is OK to accept any type of lifestyle.


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