How the Movie Industry is Changing Its Focus


The movie industry is no different than any other industry when it comes to earning profits. Businesses are forced to change with the times or else risk being replaced by some new upstart who has a better handle on what its audience is looking for. You can really see changes in the way the movie industry is targeting its audience.

This trend is evident on cable television. Twenty years ago there were nowhere near as many cable television stations as there are today. The number of television stations has exploded. We now have a cable channel dedicated to very specific niches that never even existed before. Well, in reality, the niche was always there. It’s just that nobody was targeting it specifically. Now there are sever channels for history buffs, movie nuts, shopping, health, travel, lifestyle, women, music videos and many others. They keep closing their focus on one particular viewer.

This is happening with movies also. Movies used to be made with a very generic audience. They really only had two separate audiences. The first was adults. The other was children. All major movies used to fall into one of those categories. There weren’t a heck of a lot of differences beyond that.

You would have certain genres like Western Movies or War Movies. For the most part though, those movies targeted the same viewers. The viewers might have preferred one type or the other, but that was never really addressed by Hollywood. The same people would watch both.

Now fast forward up till today. Look at the movies that are being produced. There are new genres and niches all over the place. You have the young teenager who wants as much horror as they can get. Not only do they want horror but they want it as bloody and shocking as possible. You can tell these movies are made for teenagers because those are the characters that are cast for those movies.

You’ve got the romantic comedy that is targeted to mature audiences. They are designed for couples or people who are at a period in their lives where they might be dating.

You’ve got children’s cartoon movies that are being pumped out at an unbelievable rate by companies like Disney and Pixar. There have never been so many kids movies targeted so well to the child and the parent both enjoying it at the same time.

There are many other examples that I could list that would be too long for this article. Just pay attention to the movies that are currently out and you’ll see what I mean. The majority of these movies are targeted specifically to a certain type of viewer. They are very focused specifically with that viewer in mind.


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