Shakugan no Shana, Season 1

Shakugan no Shana, Season 1

Shakugan no Shana

  • Genre: Animation
  • Release Date: 2012-08-21
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 24
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From 8 Ratings (TMDb)


Yuji Sakai learns there is more to the world than school and finding a girlfriend when he meets a sword-wielding girl with fiery red eyes and flame-colored hair. It's up to the Flame Haze, Shana, to slay the invading denizens of the Crimson Realm.


Title Time Price
1 The End to Everything, the One Beginning 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
2 The Lit Flame 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
3 The Torch and the Flame Haze 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
4 The Confused Flame Haze 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
5 Respective Thoughts 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
6 Complication, Activation, Confrontation 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
7 The Two Flame Hazes 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
8 The Beautiful Goblet 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
9 The Poolside of Love and Desire 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
10 Entangled Feelings 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
11 Yuji, Shana, and Kisses 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
12 Flowers Bloom in the Cradle 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
13 Behind the School War Is Declared 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
14 A Great Person 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
15 The Day the Flame Was Born 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
16 The Flaming-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
17 A New Chapter 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
18 Shattered Wish 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
19 Within the Battle 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
20 Heartless Wirhelmina 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
21 Diverging Feelings 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
22 The Flickering Flame 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
23 Battle At the Palace of the Stars 24:57 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<
24 Crimson Thoughts 24:56 USD 1.99 >>> FULL HD <<<



  • Awesome Season 1

    By SwiftLemon
    The first season of Shakugan no Shana is awesome to put it simple. If your looking for a good story, action, length and romance this season will not disappoint.
  • Love it

    By IzzyFizz96
    I love this anime so much. It was one of my first ones, and it managed to completely engross me with the storyline, characters, and designs. The 2nd and 3rd seasons are even better, and I wish there was more!
  • The Original always the Best

    By JJJ100000000
    This is by far the best Romance Anime ever other than Clannad which if you never watched I recommend you do because it even makes men cry to. Also watch season 2 of Clannad and Season 2 & 3 of Shana.
  • A Delivery Lived Up Too!

    By dazed154
    You know those anime that really look great due to advertisement and cover art of their box sets but on the inside when you purchase the quote unquote next big thing it turns out to be nothing worth your wild? This is not the case for Shakugan no Shana; it's its own package of better yet to come because its done in a fast pace, slow evolving romantic adventure based on a girl who only sees the mission at hand not the heart of the matter and continues to get better as the series goes on. I highly recommend Shakugan no Shana To a anime lover of progress and patience.
  • Sad it's over

    By Bioburn
    Though season three ended a year ago in Japan, shakugan no shana is always in my mind. In my heart as my no. 1 anime everrrr
  • What happen to Season 2

    By mevan883
    The first season was good but shouldn't the second season be out now.
  • awesome!

    By RedKnightGreymonflame
    I've heard great things excited to buy some, plus i read the episode description.........great work itunes please get the other two seasons it's cute and funny, as well as havin' some action. very good series. abult content is here but doesnt focus on it alcohol and some suggestive imagery in spotspots.. it's worthy of the rating that u guys gave it.. so a nice show in all
  • Please publish the next season!

    By rfoliation
    I really enjoy this anime, and I would like it if Itunes would publish at least the first few episodes of the next season! I've tried, but I can't find it anywhere online and I'm not sure but someone said it was coming out in december...I hope they're right ^_- This is a great anime, one of my favorites!
  • Best of the best.

    Shakugan no Shana is by far my favourite anime series. I am really happy its on iTunes, but i can't stand the fact that apple is once again charging a premium. i could quite easily buy it for half of this. but i guess if you want it that badly, i totally recommend this anime!!!
  • Shana rocks

    By Akboom907
    Shakugan no shana is my favorite anime. The story is awesome and keeps you interested. But come on 50$ for the season. You should match the price it sells for online 35$ for the season. Also for all you shana junkies season 2 comes out in December bam